Among the top 10 university start-ups around Europe!

Among the top 10 university start-ups around Europe! Junior Achievement Europe placed BTeam among the 10 promising university start-ups around Europe! The European Enterprise Challenge 2016 was a meaningful stage where to validate our idea and collect pivotal feedbacks in order to improve our project. We consider it as an important achievement for a project that was born... Continua »
luglio 9, 2016

Italian JA Winners!

Italian JA Winners! We won the JA Italian final for start-ups with our breakthrough idea in Chemicals! We are going to flight to Bucharest for the European final where we’ll represent... Continua »
giugno 25, 2016

Faculty JA Winners!

Faculty JA Winners! Our team won the Junior Achievement Competition at the University of Rome Tor Vergata! Tired but satisfied! Just the week-end to charge our batteries and then we’ll start to prepare the national competition at Milan.   Ad maiora... Continua »
maggio 13, 2016

The mediatic birth of the BTeam!

The mediatic birth of the BTeam! Here we are! ¬†Finally, the BTeam is on-line with its own blog! This virtual space has been built in order to inform and update all our stakeholders with the news regarding our business idea and related start-up process. Follow us and our updates, it will be an enthusiastic voyage..!... Continua »
aprile 13, 2016